Respirator Easewell D13003 FFP2 10pcs

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Easewell respirator, FFP2 class. CE certification. Meets standard EN149: 2001. Filters more than 95% of PM2.5 particles. Material: non-woven fabric, three layers. Pack of 10 pcs


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Masks, respirators and wearing them

The main wave of the spring 2020 epidemic is over, but it is almost certain that drapes and respirators will not disappear from our lives for a few more years. We will pull them out repeatedly in the spring and autumn as flu and coronavirus epidemics spread. Unfortunately, this is not a fictional black scenario, but apparently a new reality, although we don't want it either.

We think that it is better to wear a quality respirator in a public space than to close the whole economy again. The veil provides only basic protection and does not directly protect you, but your surroundings. So if someone goes against you without a veil, even if only with the counting flu, and they just manage to blow or cough, the chances of infecting you yourself increase sharply.

The FFP2 class respirator filters at least 95% of PM2.5 microparticles and thus directly protects yourself. It is clear that it is not as comfortable as a veil and it is a little more difficult to breathe through it. Therefore, we recommend using a respirator in situations where it makes the most sense - flu periods + public transport, crowded shops, or doctor's waiting rooms.

Veils and respirators have been a common part of life in Asian countries for years. It's not because Asians are weird. In short, they have such a high population density that any flu season without respirators and drapes would mean unnecessarily many infected people who could not go to work. It is simply advantageous in all respects. Don't you feel 100% completely? You'd better take a respirator on a public transport trip and not infect anyone unnecessarily.

We are not used to it here and we have always looked at tourists from these countries a bit through our fingers. We think that has already changed. Each of us will now be more vigilant and considerate, which is definitely positive!

About Easewell respirators

The Easewell brand is not very well known in our country, but it belongs to the so-called Xiaomi ecosystem. You definitely know the Xiaomi brand in the field of mobile phones and electronics. But that's not all, the Xiaomi brand also means an ecosystem of many interconnected brands. Easewell is one of them and it is Xiaomi that allows them to increase the reach and awareness of their products.

The Easewell D13003 respirator complies with the EN149: 2001 standard and thus falls into the FFP2 class. It therefore captures more than 95% of PM2.5 microparticles. The respirator is three-layer:

  1. the layer is absorbent, non-woven, non-sticky, which absorbs most of the bacteria and dust
  2. The layer is antibacterial, with a filter and aims to isolate those bacteria that got through the first layer
  3. non-woven fabric layer is moisture resistant, antibacterial and odorless to make you feel comfortable throughout the wear


Respirators are packed in boxes of 10 pieces. Each respirator is individually wrapped in foil. We sell in boxes, so you will find 10 pieces in one package.

Product photos are for illustrative purposes only. The shape of the respirator is the same, but the variant we sell bears the CE mark and compliance with the EN149: 2001 standard directly on the product.


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Other features:
Three layers, standard EN149: 2001, filters more than 95% of PM2.5 microparticles